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  • Soko Aviation launches an inventive proposal for those occasions when you need to think of original gifts: flights in helicopter
  • Business aviation company offers getaways of couple of hours to places accessible only by helicopter. Enjoy the marvellous landscapes.
  • The client can design, with the help of Soko Aviation experienced pilots, the destination, the duration of the flight and its route.


It is not easy, year after year, to come up with original ideas to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. By launching helicopter flights to the market, Soko Aviation wishes to make things a little easier for those who want to surprise on special occasions.

Do you imagine being able to overfly with your sweaty the place where you met for the first time? Imagine toasting with champagne on the peak of the mountain.

Soko Aviation’s original idea will even allow you to set out to at the very door of your house as long as conditions are adequate. EC-130 can land at most gardens of adequate dimensions and take the passengers to the chosen spot.



It is not only the starting point. With the help of our expert pilots, the passengers can choose every detail of their flight. From the final destination, the duration of the flight to the most adequate route.

Once at the chosen spot, the clients can enjoy the catering of their choice; champagne and delicious snacks will complete the unforgettable experience.

The fun starts on board. Helicopters operated by Soko Aviation are comfortable, spacious and their leather upholstery, panoramic view and noise reduced to minimum allow the passengers to enjoy their trip to the maximum.

Also, this means of transport can reach almost any spot, allowing the passengers the possibility to land at spectacular places otherwise unreachable by road.

Do not worry, because the price is not an obstacle. Soko Aviation charges approximately 1.500 € per hour of flight. Depending on the distance, your perfect escape will cost you more or less just that.

Being able to swiftly reach the top of the mountain chain, sip some good champagne in silence while the world is at your feet… undoubtedly a gift that will impress almost anyone.