Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Moving around in helicopter

From the airfield to your ranch, from the office or to another town. Without traffic jams, without long stopovers at big airports.

The helicopter has become an essential tool for both business and leisure travels. More versatile than any other vehicle, the helicopter offers countless possibilities for those who cannot waste a minute of their time as well as for those who wish to wander for some time.

Apart from passenger transportation, helicopters offer other alternatives:


Panoramic flights where clients can over fly areas that they are interested in


Flights to hunting areas – possibility of visiting more than one area in a day


Getaways to hidden spots, exclusive hotels and restaurants


Transfer from airfields to skiing resorts


Transfer from airports to boats and yachts in any Spanish port


No other Spanish company has as many helicopters specially designed for personal flights.

Soko Aviation operates two Eurocopter EC130 B4, outstanding and powerful helicopters designed exclusively for passenger flights. Equipped with 7 leather seats (one for the pilot) and, most important of all, with panoramic view, they make each flight an unforgettable experience. The cabins are soundproofed to keep annoying external noises reduced to a minimum in this helicopter.



In fact, due to their scarce sound impact, these are the only aircraft authorised to overfly the Grand Canyon in Colorado.